My Parents First Cruise

Guest post written by Joseph Finch

Mom and Dad had never taken a cruise so, for their fiftieth anniversary, my sisters and I took them to the U.S. Virgin Islands. The cruise ship was huge, but everyone who worked on board it was friendly. When the activities director found out that our parents were celebrating their anniversary, they went all out to make sure Mom and Dad had the best time of their lives.

Of course, Mom kept trying to worry about things back home. She worried about the dogs, which were being taken care of by a neighbor. She worried that some of the mail might get lost in the hands of another neighbor. She wo! rried that someone might break into the house. I assured her that I had personally set the home security alarm (Atlanta Home Security) before I drove them to the ship. She relaxed a little then, and by the end of the second day at sea, she seemed to have forgotten all her worries. Dad relaxed much sooner.

Anyway, I appreciate everything that the crew did to make their trip so wonderful. Mom and Dad are already thinking about the next cruise they might take. I hope they’ll let me and my sisters go along whether they want to return to the Virgin Islands or go somewhere else.