The Auto Shop

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

My husband owns an auto shop and when the interstate closed down the exit nearest him last year, business really started to suffer. Since I majored in marketing a million years ago in college I offered to help him get back on track. The first thing I did was go to (there’s no telling how many customers he lost each year because he didn’t take credit) and then I talked to LivingSocial about getting a deal for his shop. I posted an ad in the Sunday paper and tried to get the best customers to spread the news by offering them incentives – I’m happy to say it worked! Business has never been better and Bobby says I’m to thank for it. I’m just glad I could help out since being a stay at home mom doesn’t exactly allow me to utilize my marketing skills on a day to day basis! I love my husband and when he’s happy, I’m usually pretty happy.