Healthier Happier Campers with eCig Vapor Pens

They may have gotten a hold on you, your loved ones and friends. We know though that it doesn’t stop there. Second hand smoke from cigarettes makes it’s way into the bodies of our children and grand babies. There are thousands and thousands of chemicals in tobacco products. It get’s worse, nearly fifty of them are known to cause cancer!

So like everyone else we all say “ehh it wont happen to me”, it has to happen to someone, that’s where all the stats come from.

Campers who quit smoking will immediately begin feeling better, just keep yourself busy. People around you will be happier and you stand much less risk of burning the place down, make sure to keep an eye on that campfire! You’ll be happy that while you’re tending to the campfire you won’t have a ton of cigarette smoke burning your eyes and nose.

Many people have some strange mechanism built-in that helps them magically quit smoking at will, unfortunately many others do not have that.



There are some stop smoking aids that claim to help, but there are many many people who have used these aids and it didn’t help. Some make the addiction worse and some prescription stop smoking aids can cause horrible hallucinations and other problems.

A Stop Smoking Aid That WORKS

Vapor Pens!

The USA made e-liquid inside the vapor pen contains two food grade chemicals (also used in stage prop fog machines), flavoring of your choice, and good old nicotine. The nicotine level is also that of your choosing.

Getting accustom to using a vapor pen will take a day or so. Getting away from traditional cigarettes should also only take a day or so.

Get started today. Visit our friends at Big Vaping for information and product selection. They are good guys in Pennsylvania. They carry good products and they’ve helped us out a bunch.